Projectors are great, especially for sharing student work.....but projectors can be a crutch to help us continue our long standing presence at the front of the class. The front, where we think we must be because we are the ones that know all there is to know about our subject, right? Yes, I'm sure we have a plethora of knowledge about credit cards, the constitution, and algebraic equations. The question is....should we stand at the front with our beautiful PowerPoint slides and colored dry erase markers or is there another way to do it?

I would agree that there are times where we must stand at the front and "teach" the content but many times there is another way. I know that the majority of my students learn by being engrossed in the topic. Not happening when I am constantly up at the front of the room. This isn't anything new, we have heard this before, but it is still hard for us to take a step to the back of the room.

This last year, I have challenged myself to get rid of the crutch and move out of the way. Being part of the iPad pilot and having a classroom set of iPads has helped with this transition. The students are now part of their learning and not a spectator. It can be a challenge to trust the process but that's just what it is...a process. I still use various presentation software programs but in a different way. It takes time to develop these activities and courage to step back, but it is worth it in the end. I'm free to move around the classroom and give individual help more than I've even been able to do. The students, with my guidance, are exploring new concepts and retaining the information better than before.

In all seriousness, I realize projectors are needed in some instances but we n to challenge ourselves to find another way. It's time to get rid of the crutch and try something new! Really, who needs a projector?



Bree Campbell
09/16/2013 2:20pm

I agree, it is very hard for us to let go of our habits, but you are right-- it is worth it! Great post Jeanette!


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